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Casey Murphy & Sean Handrich — Minted

Casey Murphy


Sean Handrich

Casey Murphy and Sean Handrich



It was a Sunday morning when Casey decided to send a message to the cute guy that had liked her on Hinge earlier in the week. Yes, this love story began the way many millennials can relate, on a dating app. Sean and Casey were not strangers to the difficulties of dating in NYC, so for Casey at least, she was not expecting to meet her future husband when she arrived at Blockheads Burritos on 2nd Avenue on November 1, 2019.

Sean may have arrived twenty minutes late to dinner, but Casey did not hold it against him. That first date went so well, they also spent the next day together too. They met up together in the morning and grabbed iced coffees and bagels and watched the NYC Marathon together.

From day one, Sean and Casey knew that they had something special and they began spending a lot of time together. Between November 2019 and March 2020, Casey and Sean explored NYC, met each other's friends and family, and embarked on their first vacation together to Key West. The two of them were so happy, and then COVID hit...

For all of us, COVID was probably the most difficult time of our lives. This was no different for Casey and Sean. On March 16, 2020, Casey went over to Sean's one bedroom apartment on the Upper East Side with a week's worth of clothes to wait out the week they thought COVID would last. Though they were very wrong about COVID, they were not wrong about their decision to quarantine together. Sean and Casey always say that those three months together were a "make or break moment" for their relationship. During that time, they endured the loss of family members, the loss of life as they knew it, and all while they continued to work full-time jobs, and Casey completed her spring semester of law school from that one bedroom on the UES.

Sean and Casey's bond grew so strong during those months. They developed their routines of daily walks to Central Park and the East River Walk, cooking elaborate meals, ordering take out from their favorite spots, watching movies, puzzling (Casey puzzling, Sean watching), and celebrating moments such as birthdays, new job offers, finishing semesters, and holidays together when they could not with their friends and family. During those months, they had become each other's family.

Fast forward to today, Sean and Casey have been happily together for four years, and are living together in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They are so ready to begin their married lives together and are looking forward to the future and the life they will continue building along the way.